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County Terms


Place where a plant or animal species naturally lives and grows.


Reducing the impact of a proposed development and/or offsetting the loss of habitat values.

Water-related Areas

100-year floodplain, drainage hazard areas, ponds, water areas and wetlands that are also fish and wildlife habitat.

Riparian Corridor

An area not less than 25 feet from either side of the water area, or a larger area if it has certain moisture-dependent vegetation.

Wildlife Habitat

Sensitive habitats and forested areas that coincide with water areas and wetlands.

Habitat Assessment Report (Habitat Report)

A detailed wetland/wildlife habitat report prepared by a natural resource professional that verifies the location, extent and characteristics of the significant natural resources. It describes plant and wildlife species, assesses habitat value and impacts of a proposed development and proposed mitigation.



Metro Terms

Riparian Corridor/Habitat

Riparian corridors are comprised of rivers and streams, riparian vegetation, wetlands, side channels, floodplains and usually contain a complex mix of trees or woody vegetation, shrubs and plants. Includes the area that provides the transition between stream banks and upland areas.

Upland Wildlife Habitat

Areas that provide food, cover, roosting and nesting sites for an array of wildlife. Includes forests, woodland, grasslands, wetlands, rocky slopes and uplands, buttes and other features.





Clean Water Services (CWS) Terms

Water Quality Sensitive Areas (Sensitive Area)

Wetlands, rivers, streams, springs, natural lakes and ponds.

Vegetated Corridor

A corridor adjacent to a Sensitive Area preserved and maintained to protect the water quality of the Sensitive Area.

Service Provider Letter (SPL)

Report that identifies and describes Sensitive Areas and Vegetated Corridor. It addresses Design & Construction Standards for mitigation and enhancement for impacts to the Vegetated Corridor. The SPL informs site development requirements, including erosion control measures, during construction.


Please find the SNR Assessment here and the technical appendices here.